Who We Are

Dr. John Psarouthakis conceived the idea for The Knowledge Transfer Center during a trip for a speaking engagement at the University of Edinburgh Scotland. While he was there, the director encouraged him to create a seminar on the topic of "The University of the Future." 

After the seminar, Dr. John couldn't get the idea of "The University of the Future" out of his mind. He envisioned this futuristic learning hub as more of a research center than the universities and colleges we have today.  

As the capabilities of the Internet progressed, Dr. John saw a platform being created for "The University of the Future." Every day, he saw more content created and more knowledge made available, but something was missing. A way for people to get the kind of knowledge they desperately needed, tacit knowledge, experience based knowledge. He knew there was a need to bridge the gap, so The Knowledge Transfer Center was born. 


What We Do 

How many times have you read a book and found yourself wishing you could ask the author a question? How many times have you wanted to inquire how an element of an idea, principle, or practice you read about could actually work for you?  

The Knowledge Transfer Center creates a chance for you to have unparalleled access to industry leaders in your field. 

With the Author Connect Editions of our books, e-Books, and e-Reports, you have the ability to send the author an email with 10 questions about the material of the book. After the questions are submitted you and other owners of the Author Connect Edition will be invited to a webinar where the author will address your questions and give insight into his or her ideas, principles, and methods. This webinar will be exclusively for individuals who purchase the Author Connect Editions. 




Why It Matters

The Knowledge Transfer Centers offers everyone, from interns to CEOs and anyone in between, no matter his or her background, skills, or education level, the opportunity to learn essential, crucial business principles.

You choose what you want to learn about and when you want to learn it. Our books, e-Books, Author Connect Editions, e-Reports, and media are all tailored to give you the knowledge you need at a price you can afford. 

Not everyone has the time or resources to attend a college or university to learn new business principles. It isn't always conceivable to acquire all you need to be an effective leader before you find yourself in a leadership position. It takes years to gain all the knowledge needed to run a business successfully. The Knowledge Transfer Center is here to help you gain what you need to be successful, knowledgeable, and to perform better. 


The Author Connect Editions